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Best Activity Table for Babies

Activity tables are a great way to help babies learn different skills at an early age. These fun toys will develop your baby’s motor and thinking skills. We feature 4 activity tables, which are some of the best that we have in the market.

best activity table for babies

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

First is the Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center. Manhattan Toy is a renowned brand that sells hundreds of toys and accessory items for babies and toddlers.

We specifically chose this activity table for its 4- quadrant and tree-themed table top. The highly detailed graphics are colorful with an attractive palette that will easily hold your baby’s attention. The table top features 2 spinning gears, 1 bendy flower, a tree house, 4 bead mazes, and 2 spinning gears.

This activity toy is made of wood and has a water-based, non-toxic finish. With a width of 18 inches and a height of 22.5 inches, it is a nice gift for babies 1 year old and up, and with its durable, steady construction, the table stays in place even when pulled or pushed by the baby, so there’s no accidental tipping over.

As a disadvantage, some users complain of the difficult assembly, particularly with the part where they attach the activity boards to the table top. If such a difficulty is experienced during the assembly, just use a small screwdriver to put this thing together, which is also what many users recommend.

When you’re done with the assembly, it will be lots of fun time for your baby as he plays with the cute movable animals including a dog, a ladybug, a monkey and a frog.

LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center

LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center

Next in the list is the Little Office Learning Center from LeapFrog. LeapFrog is a company that focuses on encouraging curiosity and love of learning in children.

First thing about this table is that it uses both English and Spanish, so it’s great for bilingual families who need their children to learn Spanish as well.

The nice thing about the toy’s bilingual system is it doesn’t directly translate English words to their Spanish equivalent. Rather, it explains in English the Spanish words.

For instance, morado (purple) is explained as “a color between red and blue”. So, it’s a better way to explain Spanish words, which is not what other toys do.

With this table, your child will also learn things via imitative plays, as it features a phone, a globe, a laptop and 27 electronic touch stones. Open the laptop and begin the learning process by pressing some buttons there. Images of animals and shapes will appear on the screen.

If your baby finds music delightful, this toy gives ten different songs and greetings in different languages from around the world. Just spin the light-up globe to play music.

The activity table also boasts of sturdy and lightweight construction. Despite being lightweight, it can hold a child weighing 25 pounds without collapsing.

With a height of 13 inches and legs measuring a foot long, the LeapFrog is recommended for babies 10 to 16 months old.

Baccow Baby Toys Activity Center

Baccow Baby Toys Activity Center

This baby learning table earns a spot as one of the best products for small children for its minimal size. It allows users playing with it to move it around to locations where they specifically want to play.

Yet, with its small size, there is no worry about it falling off as it is made with sturdy materials. If you’re quite nervous, you can have it hanging on a chair or just flat on the floor instead of making it stand on its legs. It is also quite convenient to carry around with its detachable legs.

Another thing you would appreciate with this toy is the volume. You have here something that can produce really loud sounds, which is of course a drawback for people who want toys to be quiet, but if loud sounds are beneficial for you, this toy fits the bill.

There is control for volume adjustment for those who prefer a setting that’s just enough for the baby to hear the cute little jingles without distracting someone who is studying or waking up someone who is sleeping.

With the small size that it has and fewer features on top of the table compared to other models, the Baccow is a good educational toy for your baby with its ability to impart knowledge in different areas such as sounds, colors, patterns, shapes, numbers and letters.

Baby Toys Musical Learning Table

Baby Toys Musical Learning Table

This activity table is a must for children with musical inclination, and if your baby loves dancing to music, the cute tunes will definitely keep their body swaying and turning. Almost all activities the toy offers are accompanied with music.

The Baby Toys Musical Learning Table is a 3-in-1 unit in terms of positioning, so you’ll have something that your child can play with as he continues to grow.

While the child plays sitting up, he can manipulate musical instruments on top with this table placed flat on the floor. Later, add the legs so he can play standing up. Still later, as your baby adds more years and grows more in height, you can have it hanging on the crib or in the car.

There are 6 different activities to do. There are four colored drums in the middle that flash beautiful lights and play different melodies. Flip the center to the reverse side and it will be her initial encounter with letters and numbers.

There is also the cartoon mirror on the side, along with a fish wheel, colorful gears, and a DO-RE-MI mini piano. The fish wheels can play night and day sounds, while the gears can be rotated together, each one playing a different tune.

With this musical powerhouse to entertain your kid, there will be no boring time for him.


With these great activity tables, you have a lot of options to choose from. The Manhattan is well-loved for the numerous activities it offers, while the LeapFrog is the obvious choice for bilingual families or if you want your child to do imitative plays.

Portability and ease of moving to different locations are the highlights of our third model, the Baccow unit, while, on the other hand, the Baby Toys Musical Learning Table is chosen for its great musical features.