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Best Diapers for Blowouts

Diaper blowouts are every parent’s worst nightmare. There’s not much to say besides baby poop being all over the place – on the baby’s back, all over the sheets and pillows, and even on the dog. And it’s really a hassle to just even think of where to begin tidying up.

This often happens with cheap diapers that are too loose, don’t have a snug fit, and aren’t absorbent enough. You might save a little but in the long run, you’re better off saving on the stress and effort of having to deal with these cute ticking time bombs. Quality diapers may cost a bit more, but guarantee effective handling of these butterscotches.

In this article, we’ll explore three best diaper options to keep you from stressing out with blowouts.

Huggies Diaper

Huggies Diaper

Huggies are no doubt one of the leading and most respected brands in the diaper industry, and with good reason. Huggies Little Movers are best at keeping things in and keeping your furniture neat and tidy.

For those hyper-active babies who were made with an extra cup of sugar, Huggies are guaranteed to do a good job sticking and fitting to your baby’s bottom. The DryTouch Liner does an efficient job to absorb and hold, while the baby is crawling, walking and excitedly moving.

The tabs are very sturdy, though the pads might not feel soft as you would expect, but it’s nothing to be concerned about as babies don’t seem to mind. The robustness is due to the reinforced layer of protection to hold whatever needs to be kept. With this, you’re confident that you are getting your money’s worth.

The fabric technology is another great feature of Huggies diapers. If you have ever had the trouble of your baby getting rashes, it might be that the diapers do not provide sufficient ventilation, especially when the baby is sitting. Huggies fabric provides great air flow for improved breathability and minimize the occurrence of irritation and rashes.

With these trusty dipes, you won’t have to worry about those blowouts and leaks. The SnugFit Waist Band, double grip strips, and custom diaper contour will keep you stress-free and confident.

It seems that the longstanding baby friendly catchers have gotten all the boxes checked. Huggies is almost always the first option and almost always the last. You won’t have to compromise between baby appeal, quality, and price.

Honest Diaper

Honest Diaper

Honest is a great alternative when trying out different diaper brands, as it focuses on two main objectives: comfort and function.

The diaper material is cleverly and thoroughly designed to provide absorbing properties with its TrueAbsorb technology that uses multiple layers to cumulatively lock away moisture and dirt, holding up to 17 times its own weight.

With its extra capacity and enhanced strength, you won’t have to change diapers too often and could save much more.

Opening points are fast secured with the elastic waistband, fitting leg cuffs, and fastening tabs to ensure all possible leak points are addressed. There are, however, some customer comments about the fit being too tight and restrictive.

The brand gives high regard for comfort and quality of material as well. The material is natural and plant-derived to lessen irritation and allergens, and provide a delicate feel to the baby’s sensitive skin. It also doesn’t use any harmful chemicals and substances such as latex, chlorine, strong fragrances, and lotions, which could trigger rashes and irritation.

It may cost a bit more than the usual high-quality brands, but you can’t argue with the results. If you’ve grown away from your first choice, Honest diapers could be a great option to migrate to.

Try this out if you’re looking for a tighter fit for the extra security.

Mama Bear Diaper

Mama Bear Diaper

You know a product is that good if the company is confident to offer a money back happiness guarantee.

Mama Bear is known to put up with huge amounts of poop and pee and still hold on and prevent blowouts. The slots are well secured with stretchy sides and pocketed waistbands to prevent leaks from sneakily making its way to the sheet at night. And the gussets are sturdy and fixed to have the perfect custom fit.

The material is soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic, which makes it a great choice for babies with sensitive skin. When experimenting with other diaper brands, you may notice rashes, especially when the diaper has been set for so long filled with poop and pee. If this is the case, you could benefit by switching to Mama Bear’s.

The diapers are free of fragrances unlike the average brands that come with an unpleasant rubber smell, or the artificial cologne scent. It also doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or substances such as latex or chlorine, so you can take out your worries with any skin complications and discomfort with your baby.

The wetness indicator is a fun gimmick to let you know when it’s time to change, so you don’t change too frequent, which would cost you a lot, or change less often, which could surprise you with an explosive blowout.


In the early stages of parenting, there’s a lot that you can never be fully prepared of. The stress of a day job is nothing compared to the trouble of having to wake up in the middle of the night to the baby’s cry, only to find the horrendous site of a blowout. Money is something you can regularly earn payday after payday, but a good night’s rest and a stress-free home stay is priceless.

The three choices above are signature brands that cost a little higher than the average diaper brands; however, with these picks, you can rest easy knowing your sheets and baby is safe from a stinky mess.

Huggies are the best and staple choice for quality diapers. But you can also try out the other two if you plan to experiment on which works best for your baby’s specific needs and fit.