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Best Easel for Toddlers

There are many different kinds of easels available today in the market and it’s hard to choose the best one. Easels are important as they provide a created space for your child where they can be independent and play with their imagination in art.

A good easel is one that should be able to support your child’s work in a stable manner and should suit the type of work that your child does.

Double-Sided Tabletop Easel by Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Tabletop Easel

This tabletop easel is an Amazon’s Choice for best easel for toddlers. The easel is double-sided, and thus serves a dual purpose. One side of the board is a dry-erase board, which is magnetic, and on the other side is a plain chalkboard.

It features a paper roll of 50 feet long that is already built-in so it’s very convenient and easy to use. It is made of sturdy wood of high quality so you can be assured of its durability. It also contains colored chalk of 5 pieces, eraser, and 36 pieces of magnets (both letters and numbers). It can easily be folded flat for added convenience and easy storage.

With its set of 42 tools, it stimulates every kid’s imagination and inspires them to be hands-on for hours and less hours in front of screens. Aside from these amazing features, this type of easel promotes creativity at play among toddlers. This easel makes a perfect gift idea for kids 3 and up.

The Companion Accessory Set that comes with the product will make art hours for kids even more fun! The product is one of the best as it gained the gold standard in the market and the makers of the easel, Melissa & Doug, has been around in the industry for more than 30 years, creating beautifully and purposely designed products.

Top Bright Wooden Art Easel

TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel for Kids

Top Bright Wooden Art Easel is a triple fun easel for kids. Kids are naturally imaginative because after all, they are kids. They get to that period in time when ideas come rushing through their heads, and they need to express them through a brush.

That’s when Art Easel will come in the picture. The Top Bright Wooden Art Easel is one of the best choices because it is specially designed for kids to enhance their skills in art. It uses a child-specific crew, non-slip foot protection and anti-pinch design.

Every detail is carefully thought of for kids’ safety, enjoyment and satisfaction. This easel is specially recommended and best suited for kids ages 2 years and up. This is great because as it can accommodate two kids at the same time as its double side art easel allows 2 kids to draw and even play at the same time.

This is one of the best easels to choose from because it guarantees 100% happiness as the manufacturer’s priority is always the satisfaction of toddlers and parents.

Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel

Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel

The Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel is also an Amazon’s Choice for Best easel for toddlers. This easel is recommended for kids up to 2 years old and up. This is one product kids will surely love because it easily transforms into a desk! You just need to flip the easel downward and pull the stool up for another way to use this tool art.

So whether sitting down or standing up, this a great product for kids to use for their art session. There is also an included art clip to secure the paper as well as a surface where they can use for other activities. Aside from these amazing features, the easel has built-in storage with its bins and tabletop caddy for arts and crafts supplies storage; not to mention the storage space at the back is a bonus for storing folders, paper pads or coloring books!

The product is an easel and an art desk in one where kids can develop their creativity and self-esteem, sharpen their memory and refine their motor skills. This is lightweight, and thus perfect for your budding little artist, but it has a large work surface to accommodate all types of project!

Hahaland 2 in 1 Kids Table & Easel

CubicFun 2in1 Kids Table & Easel

This 2 in 1 easel is a multifunctional tabletop perfect for kids 2 years and up. It includes one set of bricks of 83 pieces which your toddler can play with and at the same time, it is an easel for drawing or painting. It can also be used for other activities or plainly for eating.

The tabletop can be transformed into an easel easily. It uses odorless wood and high quality ABS, thus safe for your aspiring artist. The H-Shape Wood legs are sturdy enough, and the round smooth edge is designed for safety.

The storage areas include 2 table cases plus 2 baskets. These are perfect to keep the bricks organized after playing. This way kids also learn the value of keeping things organized. The product is guaranteed to be of good quality, safe and long lasting. Its ergonomic design is developed for correct sitting posture among kids. Giving them a chair that fits their size perfectly enables them to have a sense of control and become independent.


Among all the easels mentioned above, the Melissa & Doug easel proved to be the best for toddlers because it inspires endless creativity among aspiring little artists. Aside from the fact that it’s an Amazon’s Choice for best easel, the manufacturer of the product has been in the business for more than 25 years, delivering only the most innovative products with a vision to Take Back Childhood.

This means they are giving children the freedom to explore their own world while letting them realize that young as they are, they can achieve their full potential!