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Best Formula for Sensitive Tummy and Constipation

Constipation in babies is a very common occurrence. It happens more often to formula fed babies than those who are breastfed. This is because the ingredients in formula milk can firm up the stool more compared to breast milk which is easily digestible. If a baby less than 6 months of age is constantly experiencing constipation, it may be time for a change of milk formula. The best formula for sensitive tummy and constipation for infants would depend on the baby’s nutritional needs and what the doctor prescribes.

Best Formula for Sensitive Tummy and Constipation

The choice of milk formulas in the market can be overwhelming but when trying to find the right one, the ones with the best reviews and recommendations is the best way to go. Here are some of the top choices in the market that may be considered:

Enfamil Reguline

Enfamil RegulineThe Enfamil Reguline infant formula is a milk-based powder containing iron. It has been clinically proven to show results in the first week of use. It helps regulate the baby’s stool movement with the help of prebiotics. It contains broken down proteins that makes it easier for the baby’s sensitive stomach to digest, lessening the incidence of constipation. Prebiotics helps promote the increase of healthy bacteria in the gut.

Enfamil Reguline can also be used for a longer period even up to 12 months of age because of its complete nutritional content. As the baby grows, so does its nutritional requirements. Enfamil Reguline is complete with a Triple Health Guard – Omega 3 DHA for brain development, 2 types of prebiotics for a healthy digestive tract immune support, and 30 different types of nutrients for growth and overall development.

Some of the key nutrients found in Enfamil Reguline formulation include Vitamins A, C, D, E and K, cacium, B-complex, folic acid, zinc, ferrous sulfate, manganese, cupric, taurine, potassium and L-carnitine.

Enfamil Reguline is a very gentle baby formula so it can be consumed by the baby even several times day.

Similac Pro Total Comfort Easy

Similac Pro Total Comfort Easy

Similac Pro Total Comfort is a milk-based powder infant formula is especially formulated for babies with sensitive and delicate tummies. Its formulation contains 2’-FL HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharide) which is a unique prebiotic that is found in mother’s breast milk. The nutrients and immune system support in this milk formulation is one the closest to human breast milk.

It contains nucleotides. These are compounds usually found in breast milk and one of the main reasons why mother’s milk is the best immune system booster. Similac Pro Total Comfort has nucleotides that help boost immune system, helps the digestive organs develop, and improves iron absorption.

This milk formulation is all natural as it does not contain artificial growth hormones and is non-GMO. This means that none of the ingredients used to make this product was derived from genetically engineered raw materials. This has become a concern for some as GMO products have been said to have cancer causing long-term effects and can contribute to certain hormonal changes.

True to its promise, reviews have attested that Similar Pro Total Comfort can reduce crying, fussiness and baby discomfort within 24 hours of taking the formula milk. Online testimonials have recommended this for babies who experience spit-ups, reflux, gas and even colic.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Pro Everyday Probiotics

Gerber Good Start Gentle Pro Everyday Probiotics

When it comes to baby’s sensitive tummy, keeping the gut strong and healthy makes all the difference. This can only happen with the help of probiotics and if the milk formulation is easy to digest.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Pro is a very trusted name in the baby nourishment market that delivers good results. This product has received some of the highest ratings online with positive feedbacks on the effectiveness of the product.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Pro is a Non-GMO infant milk formula that contains Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) and probiotics. It follows the gentle formulation of mother’s breast milk along with its nutritional content.

Everyday probiotics means that it is safe and gentle to consume by the baby even several times a day. It helps provide comfort by helping to soften the stool to lessen stomach upsets and constipation. Its comfort proteins are easy to digest, making the nutrients easier to absorb. The milk also contains DHA that is essential for the development of a healthy brain.

This product can be used by infants even up to 12 months of age. Its formulation is sufficient enough to provide all the nutrients the baby needs in every developing stage of life.

Baby’s Only Daily Whey Protein with DHA Toddler Formula

Baby’s Only Daily Whey Protein with DHA Toddler Formula

Baby Only Daily Whey Protein is the first and only toddler formula with organic USDA certified DHA, choline and lutein. These are essential for a child’s brain and eye development. It is a ‘gentle tummy’ formula because it contains whey which is easily digested. The whey protein dairy helps prevent constipation.

It has received a rating of “Best in Class” by the CleanLabelProject.org because of its pure content and complete nutritional value. It has no hormones, did not come from antibiotic-treated dairy cows, and no ingredients treated with pesticides and fertilizers. It does not contain GMO or hexane processed DHA.

Baby Only Daily Whey Protein formulation is for children ages 1 year old and above. It is the ideal formulation for growing kids as it contains protein, essential fats and vitamins and carbohydrates. It is an ideal formula for toddler with lactose sensitivity and food allergies.


For babies less than 1 year old, Similac Pro Total Comfort is an ideal milk supplement for babies with sensitive tummies because it contains Human Milk Oligosaccharide. If planning to continue until 12 month of age, Enfamil Reguline and Gerber Gentle Pro both have complete nutrients that can support the baby’s nutritional needs from 6 to 12 months. Beyond 1 year old, the Baby Only Daily Whey is a great supplement especially if still experiencing milk sensitivities and digestive problems.

The less spit ups, reflux, constipation and stomach upset children experience, the more they will be able to retain the nutrition contained in every drop of milk they intake.