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Best Formula for Spit up and Gas

Spitting up is a very common dilemma among babies. Due to their developing and rather premature digestive systems, they often experience a medical condition called gastroesophageal reflux (GER).

By simple explanation, GER results in a backflow movement of the food from the stomach up to the mouth. This condition is generally linked to allergy, protein intolerance, or incorrect feeding position.

Babies feel a lot of discomfort due to the build-up of gas in their tummies. No wonder why babies get fussy and cranky.

One of the doctor’s best solutions is to change your baby’s current milk formulation. However, finding the perfect milk for your baby is a trial and error procedure. You might end up trying a whole bunch and still end up with nothing.

To help you overcome this problem, here is a list of best-recommended milk formulations for your baby’s spit out problem.

Enfamil A.R. Infant Formula

Enfamil A.R. Infant Formula

This is one of the most effective milk formulations that can help you deal with your baby’s worrisome spit ups. In fact, Enfamil satisfies the reflux reduction guidelines of the American Association of Pediatrics.

According to clinical studies, consumption of this milk for 1-2 weeks can reduce a baby’s spitting up by over 50%.

The secret of the milk is its thick consistency, which was achieved by adding rice and starch. The thickening of food consistency has been an established remedy for reflux because thickened food tends to move more gradually along the baby’s digestive tract. Moreover, it does not backflow easily, especially when inside the stomach.

At the same time, Enfamil makes sure your baby is provided with complete nutrition required for optimum growth and development in their first twelve months.

The milk gives your baby a unique “triple health guard blend” that has DHA for improved brain development, two prebiotics for the immune system, and 30 extra nutrients for growth. Aside from these, it also contains probiotics that aid in digestion.

You can choose to buy either its liquid or powdered form, depending on your baby’s preference.

Gerber Good Start Soothe Pro Powder

Gerber Good Start Soothe Pro Powder

This milk formulation is recommended for babies who experience mild spit-ups and excessive crying, fussiness, colic, and gas build-up.

This milk from Gerber is one of the few milk formulations that contain high levels of 2’-FL HMO, a type of prebiotic found in breastmilk. This compound improves and strengthens the digestive system of the baby by encouraging the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut. It also boosts your baby’s immunity thus, kept protected against lurking diseases.

Aside from the natural HMOs, this Gerber milk was formulated to effectively blend carbohydrates to approximately 30% of lactose so that fussiness and gas build-up are reduced.

The milk also comes with a probiotic named L. reuteri that has been scientifically found effective in alleviating colic conditions and excessive crying.

True to its name, the Gerber Sooth Pro proves to be effective in calming and soothing bawling and cranky babies, as clinical studies suggest.

You also do not have to worry about your child’s nutrition because the milk is packed with DHA and vitamins for overall growth, development, and immunity.

On top of all that, Gerber guarantees that their milk products do not contain any artificial growth hormone and that all of the materials used in production are non-GMO.

Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Baby Formula

Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Baby Formula

Spitting up is often linked to allergens and lactose intolerance. The inability of your baby’s digestive system to break down proteins and lactose in traditional cow’s milk leads to notable symptoms like spit up, vomiting, and bloating.

To remedy this condition, a shift to hypoallergenic milk formulation such as Nutramigen is highly recommended.

This milk contains a highly effective probiotic called LGG that alleviates allergic reaction of the GI system to milk by strengthening intestinal barriers and by improving the overall digestive health of the baby.

The probiotic also helps in boosting the immune system of the baby so that he/she could revert to drinking the regular milk.

Furthermore, Nutramigen is clinically proven capable of preventing at least 50% of allergies from affecting the child.

You are free to make this formulation a substitute to cow’s milk because of its 0% lactose and sucrose levels.

Nonetheless, the milk is rich in nutrients and vitamins that’ll help babies to grow healthy. It contains DHA and ARA that both contribute to brain and eye development. It is even fortified with iron that ensures sufficient oxygen flow.

Rest assured that this formulation contains no artificial growth hormone.

Similac For Spit-Up

Similac For Spit-Up

Similac promises to relieve your baby’s discomfort and stress by reducing the frequency of their spit-up. This formulation is made from rice and starch that both give the milk a thick and heavy consistency recommended to remedy gastrointestinal reflux.

Clinical investigations claim that this milk formulation can reduce approximately 54% of the overall frequency of spitting up among babies. So far, this value is one of the highest among competing brands.

This milk is recommended to babies who seem sensitive to lactose. Similac is also easy to digest thus ensuring that digestive problems will no longer bother your baby’s well-being.

All the while, the milk contains powerful DHA and lutein that aids in developing your baby’s brain and in keeping the eyes healthy.

Interestingly, Similac boasts of its 0% palm olein content that promotes 100% calcium absorption, which consequently encourages the growth of stronger bones. At the same time, oil-less milk softens the stool of your baby, thus reducing the apparent discomfort while pooping.

Lastly, you can assure that the milk can supply your baby with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins needed to grow into a healthy kid. Also, no ingredient of the milk is genetically modified.


The best formulation among these four is the Similac for Spit up. The first and foremost reason is its % effectiveness. No other brand has topped their 54% yet. The results of extensive clinical studies prove this point further.

The second most important criterion that Similac seems to better the others is its zero palm olein content. It should be reassuring that your kids will grow with strong and healthy bones, which could protect them their whole life.

The third and last reason is that it can provide babies with complete nutrition for healthy and fast development.

However, never forget that the choice of milk highly depends on your baby’s needs. So feel free to choose the perfect milk for your baby among these top 4.