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Best Organic Whole Milk for Babies

Growing babies have changing nutrient needs to support their development, especially when they turn a year old. They’re now ready to transition to whole milk and only the best should be fed to them.

Currently, organic whole milk is advertised as healthier and is gaining popularity among those who don’t want antibiotics and hormones in their kids’ dairy supply.

Cows are humanely treated and there’s no involvement of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and genetically manipulated grains with this milk source. With your pediatrician’s approval, here are some of the best organic whole milk for babies that you might want to try:

Organic Valley, Shelf Stable Milk

Organic Valley Whole Milk

This brand has been around since 1988 and the family that owns the farm cooperative received their Organic Certificate from the USDA in 2016. They’ve been producing wholesome milk since that time without antibiotics, artificial animal growth regulators, harmful pest chemicals or genetically altered substances to feed their cows.

The product contains a pack of 12 mini-milk cartons with organic whole milk that’s been ultra heat treated. This means milk supply has been sterilized to kill some harmful microbes. It’s guaranteed to stay fresh and yummy in your pantry for six months even without refrigeration.

With straws included in each box, drinking milk is easier for growing babies that are just starting to improve their motor skills. Apart from vitamins and protein, Organic Valley milk contains omega-3 that provides many health benefits that aid proper brain maturation, eye health, and possibly reduce ADHD symptoms, while the conjugated linoleic acids may fight cancer.

For children 1 year and up, they may be eager to experiment with tastes so partner it with assorted solids come mealtime. Aside from water and juice, it’s a very healthy addition to hydrating your baby. Even with gluten sensitivities, this Kosher milk can be given to them.

Horizon Organic Whole Milk

Horizon Organic Whole Milk

Horizon was the first to ever distribute organic milk countrywide and helped develop the standards of organic farming which are now being implemented by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program.

They’re proud to state the obvious: they meet all of the requirements to market genuine organic whole milk. They treat their cows ethically by letting them feed and live naturally. Their milk doesn’t contain medications, bovine somatotropin, steroids or any harmful chemicals.

This label only contains two ingredients: Grade A Organic Milk and Vitamin D3. The DHA fatty acid is reported to be a brain builder which may help nourish your baby’s neural development. The calcium-rich drink helps to support lengthening baby bones and erupting milk teeth while the vitamin D helps the body synthesize it.

The milk protein also helps build the muscular system of very active toddlers. You know you’re getting the pure taste of natural milk that’s not artificially enhanced to make it “better.”

If traveling with baby, you can conveniently bring a box or two for when hunger kicks in. It’s already prepackaged and ready to serve. You can alternate between that and breast or bottle feeding until baby weans off completely.

Kirkland Signature Organic Whole Milk with Omega 3

Evaxo Organic Whole Milk

Any parent will always be excited to see their baby meet their developmental milestones. The DHA & EPA Omega-3 in Kirkland’s Organic Whole Milk are important nutrients to make sure your child’s brain is advancing right on schedule. With vitamins A and D, your child’s skin, bones and eyes are healthier.

Very young children are still prone to infections and other illnesses, especially if they have not completed their vaccinations yet. To make sure it is safe for consumption, this milk has been treated to extreme heat to kill off pathogens that might make babies vulnerable.

Kirkland’s has been homogenized to make sure there is uniform fat distribution in the fluid. It’s classified as a Grade A organic whole milk which means it is fit to be ingested because it’s been manufactured under acceptable sanitary standards. The brand has been declared USDA Organic and Animal Welfare certified as well.

Rest assured that the milk your baby is drinking came from well treated cows. No more worries about pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or growth hormones such as rBST mixing with your baby’s milk. It’s been prepared according to Jewish laws so it is genuine Kosher. To maintain its freshness, just keep it refrigerated.

OrganicFresh Frozen CamelMilk

Organic Fresh Frozen Camel Milk

If your baby is allergic to cow’s milk, you might want to try this alternative. Desert Farms has a caravan of hormone-free camels that are grass fed in meadows.

Camel’s milk is overwhelmingly full of healthy substances and other benefits. Starting with its lactose levels, it’s pretty low compared to traditional sources of animal milk so upset stomach may soon be avoided. You can freeze or thaw it without its texture being altered. It doesn’t have enhancers or preserving agents that could affect the quality of the milk.

Even though it tastes a bit sweet and rich, it has a surprisingly low fat content. Nutritionally, a pint of this stuff goes a long way. It’s got vitamin D, calcium and thiamine, all working together to strengthen and care for crucial organs like the heart, skin, digestive and skeletal system.

Another one of its health benefits is the presence of lactoferrin which positively influences your digestion, immune function and blood. A rich source of protein to build muscles, you won’t be able to keep up with your baby with regular camel milk intake.

The only downside? It’s highly perishable but from Mondays to Wednesdays, they ship it frozen to prevent spoilage.


All the featured brands are winners in their own right. However, Desert Farms offers a whole new twist to organic whole milk, with camels being the source. It’s healthier than cow’s milk with its higher vitamin and mineral content. It may fight off a number of diseases, freezing doesn’t change it and it can be consumed by both fit people and those sensitive to cow’s milk.

You can include it in ketogenic and paleo diets and even with 43% less fat compared to bovine milk, it retains that sweet, milky taste. We can all give this a two humps up.