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Best Walking Toys for Babies

For parents, seeing their little one taking his first few steps is a welcome feat. This means your toddler is slowly developing his motor skills and balance as he slowly gropes for furniture around him to steady himself.

No two babies are ever alike. Some may start walking as early as nine months, while others may even take a bit longer. What great pride as you see your bundle of joy take his first baby steps with the help of a walking toy. These toys do not only guide in walking but help promote a toddler’s balance and even his learning abilities.

With walking toys that come in different shapes, sizes, color, functionality and age appropriateness, this review will help you decide which walking toy will best fit the needs of your little one.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This interactive walker is designed for 9 to 36 month old babies and toddlers. This colorful learning activity walker will keep your baby preoccupied with several educational activities. It will provide entertainment for your young one as he discovers sounds, shapes and buttons that light up!

It comes with a detachable phone receiver and push button toys that do not need any batteries to function. His musical abilities are tapped with its featured 5-key piano. It provides a lot of developmental play tools that help develop his imagination.

The baby walker can be assembled by clicking the two legs together with the handle. The adjustable legs can be locked in place to control the speed. The same goes, it can be taken apart when it needs to be packed for travel.

The Vtech Walker helps build your baby’s confidence from kneeling to taking his first baby steps. This walker is created to see your baby through his milestones. This baby walker is a welcome treat for babies and toddlers who enjoy endless hours of fun.

Labebe New Design Babywalker

Labebe New Design Baby Walker with Wheel

The Labebe New Design is a 2-in-1 baby walker and toy. It is an appealing and entertaining walker that can be converted into a toy storage. It is absolutely multifunctional, as the flat top can double as a table where your baby can stack his blocks. It can be turned into a toy chest where he can also store his play-things and be on the go.

This wagon walker has many features. There are movable pieces that are played as a shape sorter. It also comes with spinning toys and blocks. Your baby will have a fun time pushing it as a cart or sitting on it to play.

The Labebe New Design walker will help your baby pull himself up. This walker has the perfect height for walking and will encourage your baby to walk steadily. He will also gain confidence to push this baby wagon for extended hours of pretend play.

This hardwood baby walker is made of smooth wood to prevent any scratches or cuts in the baby’s skin. The wheels are rubber-trimmed to prevent furniture from getting scraped. This walking toy was crafted with your baby’s safety in mind.

Cossy Wooden Baby Walker

cossy Wooden Baby Walker Toddler Toys for 18 Months and up

This high quality wooden walking toy is made for young toddlers 18 months and up. It has eye-catching, bright designs and colorful patterns. Its striking style and interesting construction make for hours of educational play.

This baby walker offers multiple activity toys that can hold your baby’s attention. The Cossy Wooden Baby walker has a lovely design of cars, shape sorter, mirror, abacus and xylophone. All are carefully selected toys that help your baby develop his multi-sensory skills.

The more toys a baby engages in, the better his chances of improving his motor skills and movement. The coordination would help your baby start walking with confidence.

This walking toy doubles as an activity set, with high quality toys that would keep your baby preoccupied for a long period of time. A push and pull learning walking toy made with rubber-trimmed setback wheels that produce a slight sound.

The Cossy Wooden Baby walker is well-constructed and durable. This walking toy will see your baby beyond his walking years. It is an investment toy that is worth having.

Brio 31350 Toddler Wobbler

BRIO 31350 - Toddler Wobbler

This well-built and sturdy toddler wobbler can be used as a push walker and as a push toy. It is a popular choice for early walkers since the handle is adjustable with just the right wobble.

A baby who is attempting to pull himself up can grab the bar to keep his balance. The handle bars can be adjusted to an upright position or moved back to a push-cart position. Any which way, this walking toy is safe to use as it adapts to your child’s progress.

The Brio Toddler Wobbler is made from durable beechwood and uses non-toxic paint and chemicals. The wheels on this walking toy are skid-free and would not leave marks on your floor. The adjustable wheels will help your baby keep her balance as she pushes this toy around.

It is multi-functional and allows more room for functionality and versatility. This toddler wobbler can carry your baby’s toys, books, dolls and blocks, adding to more hours of fun.

Brio 31350 Toddler Wobbler has a reasonable price point and it is made from durable, classic and quality materials that you will expect from Brio.


Parents need to consider a few factors in choosing the best-suited walking toy for their baby.

Stability and safety are needed to avoid accidents and ensure safety, especially for babies who are walking in short unsteady steps.

These walking baby toys need to be durable to last long enough for your baby to enjoy it fully.

A smart parent will consider the fun factor, ease of use and storage portability. Consider walking toys that are not overwhelming and can be taken apart for ease of travelling.

The Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker possesses all these characteristics and is highly recommended.